Absolutely wonderful. The food here really tastes like it is made with love. I just finished my second visit here, and everything I've tried is great. Random aside: if you play Pokemon Go, you can reach two stops from inside the restaurant! That cements it as a new hang out.

Amy Willhite

MrAce Wallace

Aya’s New Asian is a traditional Japanese restaurant, crafting flavorful and unique Japanese dishes with a Southwest twist. Started in 2016 by two close friends and recent immigrants, both classically trained in Japanese cuisine and sushi techniques, we specialize in classic Japanese food like tempura, rice and noodle bowls, curry, and sushi. Come dine with us and experience the taste of classical Japanese cuisine

Johannsen Sy


My order tasted amazing and the staff was very friendly. Very authentic Japanese atmosphere and food quality.

Place is clean, the staff is courteous, and food is tasty with decent portions. Try their karaage curry. Sauce is unique and homemade with some shredded beef added in.